“I want people to feel alive when they are listening to me perform and never know what to expect next”. – DJ M

DJ M is an innovative, open format DJ constantly seeking to bring new music into the world. Currently the resident DJ for vp@marrakech, m has 15 years of experience performing sets that surprise and enliven audiences. His collaboration series cuts a stunning range of music for select brands and showcases his diverse talents as a musical artist.

From his first pair of turntables as a teen, m has continued to perfect his skills with passion and creativity. Today, he draws on new and old sounds from around the world, blending styles, genres and languages to create a unique musical experience. Full of energy and flow, his sets invite listeners to drop in and be free.




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Summertime featuring Chelsea Keenan is the debut single by MWORLD.

The track is a feel-good summer song, symbolic of those warm nights spent with friends and family. A mix of UK, Afro and a pinch of pop, this track is sure to get the body moving.

How did the collaboration come along?
I’d worked on this beat toward the end of last year, but struggled to find vocals that I loved. Initially I wanted a vocalist from London, but didn’t have much luck when contacting singer/songwriters and ended up on FiverrĀ® one night. Chelsea’s profile stood out, her hooks were those “stuck in your head for days” type and I had to reach out. As soon as I received the demo, I was instantly drawn to the chorus she’d put together, it was so infectious! As we spoke, Chelsea mentioned she loved the beat and I’d still not found a vocalist, so as fate would have it, we ended up working together on the entire track.